When you passionate about something, it always calls to you. That is how it is for us and cooking. As individuals we all have the things that we enjoy doing. The fulfilment we get from preparing a meal and having people really enjoy it is what drives us to do it everyday.

Having an Indian heritage, we grew up with a passion for aromatic spices and fresh ingredients. So we select only the best quality ingredients for our meals. When catering for larger occasions, we cook over an open fire, the traditional way.

Fire foods have their own distinct smoky flavour and when blended with the aromatic spices, makes for mouth watering meals time and time again.

Osman's Foods is a Cape Town based catering business. Our company motto is our promise, we will always provide our customers with the best quality at the best price. We pride ourselves in sourcing only the best quality ingredients for every meal, regardless of quantity.


Our business is multi-faceted:

We do mass catering - no function is too big or small.

We offer a wide variety of scrumptious savouries of the best quality.

A new addition is our Urban Chef service designed to make your life easier everyday.